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Photos of the Vendee,  west coast of France
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Beaches, Vendee coast, villages, towns, countryside, Green Venice, architecture, monuments, tourist spots, unusual views.


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France - Images of the Vendee

Martin Holmes
The Vendee, on the west coast of France
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An amateur photographer's view of the Vendee

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Selection of my « top 50 » photos of the Vendee. This gallery gives a sample of my photos, including some of the Vendee coast and a few of the local countryside.
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Photos of the Vendee, France

This site shows my photos of the Vendee, a departement on the west coast of France, situated between Nantes to the north and La Rochelle to the south. there are images of some of the best beaches of the Vendee coast , as well as views of some typical countryside, including the well-known Green Venice (Marais Poitevin), and a few examples of local architecture.

Coast and countryside of the Vendee

  Well known for its coastline and for seaside holidays, the Vendee also offers magnificent countryside that's worth a detour. In the south Vendee, the flat land gained from the sea and the canals and waterways of the marshlands (marais mouillé) attract ornithologists, nature lovers and photographers from afar. To the north, the rolling hills and green fields (bocage vendéen) give a view of the country life of times gone by. The architectural heritage includes some very picturesque towns and villages, with fine examples of stone houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, Roman churches and many historic sites and monuments.
In addition to the classique views that we all like to see, this site allows you to discover a few of the little-known spots, often photographed in the calm of the low season

Some of the places shown on this site :
La Faute sur Mer, L'Aiguillon sur Mer, La Tranche sur Mer, La Pointe d'Arcay, Sion sur l'Océan, St Gilles Croix-de-Vie,
Port Bourgenay, Les Sables d'Olonne, La Belle Henriette, Pointe du Payré, marais de Nalliers / Mouzeuil St Martin,
Mervent, Fontenay le Comte, Lucon, Mareuil sur Lay, Moutiers sur le Lay, marais communal de Lairoux.

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