Buy posters of the Vendee, west coast of France. Quality photo prints, views of the coast, beaches, countryside, architecture.
Buy posters of the Vendee, west coast of France. Quality poster prints of the coast, countryside, towns, villages, architecture, fens and marshes. Ideal gifts, home decoration, holiday souvenirs.
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Author's note

Photos of the Vendee. Having lived in the Vendee for many years, the countryside and coast are a constant source of inspiration for an amateur photographer. The Vendee is well known for it's exceptional light, offering stunning perspectives across the wide open spaces. This selection of photos provides views of some of my favourite places for you to discover the beauty of this region of France.
Photos of the Cote d'Azur. One of our favourite holiday destinations, the Cote d'Azur, and in particular between Nice and the Italian border, has the undeniable charm of the south of France. The combination of lush vegetation, the rocky coastline with secluded bays and the ancient villages make photography a real pleasure. Many of the photos are of the town of Menton, where the Italian influence in the architecture is ever present.
Photos of Paris. For an amateur photographer in France, the classic beauty of Paris just has to be explored. Sadly the few brief visits limit what can be achieved (a life-time is probably not enough) but there is a small selection of photos, just for the pleasure of this fascinating city.
Poster prints. Digital photography is marvelous in its capabilities and ease of work and displaying photo galleries on Internet is certainly fun, but nothing can replace a quality photo print to really see an image at its best. The results that you can get using a good specialist photo lab offer the possibility to create real photo posters with fabulous depth and detail and at a reasonable price. Having produced many photo posters for family and friends it has become a logical extension to offer them to a wider audience on this site.
Technical. For those who want to know how it's done. The photo image usually has some minor adjustments applied and then a composite image is created in Photoshop, scaling the print and adding the picture border. The photo image is soft-proofed using the photo print machine profile supplied by the photo lab, allowing reliable fine tuning of the image and excellent correspondence and repeatability in the finished poster. The poster is "printed" and developed on Fujifilm high gloss heavy grade paper using a "Laserlab" photo machine.

Posters of the Vendee, west coast of France. Posters of the south coast of France, Cote d'Azur.
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